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Craft & Food Vendors

All Vendors must submit an application no later than June 15, 2018

Yakima Folklife Festival
PO Box 800
Yakima, WA  98907

 Yakima Folklife Festival

 -- Craft Vendors --

The Yakima Folklife Association cordially invites you to send in your application for space at this year’s festival. Festival crafts will be juried this year to assure quality and avoid over saturation of any type of craft. Items being sold by agents, such as imported crafts, will be allowed except when they are in direct competition with like items sold by the local maker.



Yakima Folklife Festival 

-- Food Vendors --

Friday Evening Concert

 $ 15.00 per 10' x 10'

Saturday & Sunday weekend pricing:
   First 10’ x 10’ square (with only 1 side open)
   Additional 10’ x 10’ squares (with only 1 side open)
   110 -115 V ----220V Power

 $ 150.00
 $  60.00
 $  10.00 

   (Power service is limited to 20 AMPS. If more is needed,
    special arrangements must be made prior to the event.)



2018 Food Vendor Application (PDF)



Yakima Folklife Festival 


For more information please email:      


Food Vendors for yummy snacks or whole meals!
Fun shopping at our Vendor Booths - 2015


Great Food for meals or snacks - 2015
Great Food for meals or snacks - 2015


Specialty Items available from many vendors - 2015
Specialty items are available from different vendors - 2015.











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